New Belgravia Ace Landed Property Gaining Attention As It is Close to Dijitsun Shopping Mall

The Belgravia Ace at Ang Mo Kio is a modern luxury estate in the centre of Singapore, serving as an exciting gateway to the landed enclave in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 close to the Central Business District (CBD). Designed around the concept of a “home away from home”, these villas are truly Singapore’s answer to the many “lifestyle” landed properties. From lavish serviced apartments to spacious bungalows, all of Belgravia Ace villas in Ang Mo Kio are designed to provide you with an oasis of comfort in the middle of bustling city life. And from relaxing back yards to fascinatingly beautiful pools, from friendly and attentive staff to the great value shopping and dining, Belgravia Ace villa in Ang Mo Kio is sure to provide all the amenities that you might need to live your best life. Belgravia Ace is gaining attention as it is close to many shopping centres. Please see Belgravia Ace location at Ang Mo Kio

As the name suggests, the entire estate is based around Ang Mo Kio landed enclave that is serene and quiet, which provides a clear picture of the lush tropical landscaping throughout the entire property. In total, there are eleven villas in all, spread across eight floors. Belgravia Ace villa offers its own individual charm and character, with swimming pools, game rooms, sun beds and more. All of the rooms have luxurious amenities such as cable TV, fully fitted wardrobes, hairdryers, kitchenettes, tea and coffee makers, air conditioning units, DVD players and more. Plus, for those who wish to treat themselves to some pampering, there are also spa-type bathtubs and saunas within the villas.


Belgravia Ace Location close to Dijitsun Shopping Mall

Belgravia Ace Location close to Dijitsun Shopping Mall

Belgravia Ace villa offers eight luxurious bedrooms, each with their own private swimming pool and deck, each with its own terrace. Belgravia Ace Bedrooms are styled in a contemporary style, with floor to ceiling windows and extensive views of the natural landscape. The luxurious environment makes for a wonderful haven for couples looking to enjoy each other’s company, or families looking for a place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

There is also a sauna, steam room and pool. Belgravia Ace Steam rooms feature an original Roman hydrotherapy system, featuring a combination of warm water and steam for therapeutic benefits. There is a two-seater, walk-in steam tub and heated towel rails for quick access to the sauna. The pool is large enough to accommodate two swimming pools, and has a soft swimming surface. The pool is surrounded by a durable vinyl fence, which is easily accessible from the main house.

Belgravia Ace villa is only four kilometres from the centre of the city and within walking distance of major shopping centres and other entertainment venues that includes Ang Mo Kio Hub, Djitsun Mall as well as Jubilee Square. You can use the swimming pool throughout the day, as it is not too far away. And, Belgravia Ace villa itself has a state of the art fitness centre, complete with a steam room and sauna. There are also state of the art gym equipment including a boxing ring and a steam room.

The exterior of Belgravia Ace villa features landscaped gardens, and a lush tropical garden surrounds the pool. Outside, the villa is well decorated, and there is a large garden with several seating areas and an attractive pond. The pool area even has a small play area for children.

Belgravia Ace Located at Seletar Mall

Belgravia Ace Located at Seletar Mall

When you arrive at Belgravia Ace bungalow, there is a restaurant that offers a wide range of meals, snacks and beverages. There are also several restaurants in the area that serve delicious local cuisine. There are various entertainment facilities at the villa, including a swimming pool, several restaurants and a casino. It also features a spa, which is not only relaxing but also offers fantastic facials. You can use the sauna, to detoxify your body. If you need a break from the heat of the sun, there are indoor pools that offer cool waters for a refreshing dip.

Belgravia Ace at Ang Mo Kio have beautiful trees and a sprinkling of flowers. The area is surrounded by ponds that are surrounded by tropical gardens. The villa truly represents Singapore as it is, a beautiful tropical paradise. Enjoy the beauty of this garden by choosing one of the Ang Mo Kio villas.

Ang Mo Kio, a newly developed housing estate in Singapore near to Belgravia Ace location, is one of the country’s best housing estates to live. Belgravia Ace is not only a paradise for the shoppers, but also ideal for those who are looking for an investment opportunity. It is one of the busiest estate developments in the country with plenty of opportunities for entertainment as well as shopping. There are many areas to explore in this exciting estate, and visitors will surely enjoy the trip.

The bustling place near to Belgravia Ace location has a lot to offer for its visitors. Aside from the usual array of shopping malls including Jubilee Square and Ang Mo Kio Hub, restaurants, pubs, and other establishments, you can also find at the district which offers several thrilling rides and attractions. Families with small children will surely find it an enjoyable place to spend some time.

If you want to shop, then there are several shopping complexes in the area. You can find the best brands and prices from these stores at various shops at Ang Mo Kio Hub and Jubilee Square. You can also choose from various restaurants that are located in the area especially at Djitsun Mall. You will find numerous art studios, antique shops, bookstores, and other specialty stores here.

In order to fully enjoy the hustle-bustle of the place, you need to stay here in comfort. Ang Mo Kio offers plenty of hotels and inns that are perfect for overnight visitors. There are many bed and breakfast inns as well where you can rest during your journey. You can find great deals from these places.

You must be wondering what all good things Ang Mo Kio has to offer near to Belgravia Ace. Well, there is more than just good things. It is also known as one of the finest real estate developments in the country. It is surrounded by scenic landscapes and mountains and it is near Singapore River. The place has some of the finest malls and shopping districts in the whole country.

You can find a wide variety of properties here. From luxury high-rise condominiums, ultra luxurious row homes and villas, budget oriented apartments and self catering serviced apartments, you name it and you have it. It is indeed a great place to settle down and invest. It also has a wide range of facilities including education institutions, healthcare facilities, markets and food outlets. It is also located near to expressways such as Central Expressway as well as Pan Island Expressway

Ang Mo Kio real estate development is indeed one of the finest real estate developments in the whole country. Belgravia Ace developers have gone out of their way to make the place an exclusive destination for the rich and famous. This is the main reason why many multinational companies such as Hilton, Johnson & Johnson have decided to come here to call Ang Mo Kio their home. The main residential areas in Ang Mo Kio are Residency Point, Offshore Walk, Offshore Point and Singar International High Street. You will find all these property properties neatly located near the banks of the Singapore River.

Belgravia Ace developers have gone a step further and even ensured that the buyers have easy access to the best public and private schools in the area. Apart from this, the Ang Mo Kio project also offers a wide range of facilities like shopping centers, banks, cinemas, five star hotels, international airport, restaurants, sports centres and many more. You just need to be sure that you get the property at the right price. Ang Mo Kio real estate development promises to offer you everything that you are looking for in a place to live. And if you want to have a piece of the action, then now is the right time to buy. Buy your own Ang Mo Kio property and create a block where people wonder how a small town can be turned into a paradise.

The importance of Belgravia Ace location schools being nearby is something that can never be underestimated. In fact, it has been proven time again that when children have access to great resources such as the internet, books, museums, and other educational facilities, their overall performance in school will be much better. Of course, it also has been proven that when children have access to these resources they also get to play with other great minds that also pursue great educational opportunities. It has also been proven time again that by allowing children to attend classes and learn in a fun atmosphere that they become more engaged and even more passionate about the subjects they are learning. It is because of all of these factors that the schools are so close to homes. Belgravia Ace is located near to schools such as Nanyang Polytechnic, Anderson Junior College and Yio Chu Kang Secondary School.

Belgravia Ace is also located near to Seletar Shopping mall. The Seletar Shopping Center is a well-known mall in Singapore, within close proximity of major hotels, business establishments, and other business facilities. Its name was inspired by its location. The Seletar Mall is an eight-story sky-themed mall in the middle of Seletar Road, close to the corner of Fernvale LRT Station and Seletar LRT Statation. The mall features open air retail stores, a wide array of eating and drinking establishments, an international marketplace, and an entertainment complex. The mall is designed around a central axis, the eastern axis featuring a row of sky-themed restaurants, businesses, eating establishments and movie theatres. The western axis features mainly hotels, shopping malls, and an international marketplace.

Belgravia Ace is also located near to Teck Ghee Community Club which is a non profit membership organisation that brings together health conscious individuals from the community. We provide resources for education and information on health and nutrition. The club provides information on local fresh food market, manufacturing of local organic foods and farming in the local environment. The club organizes events that bring people together to enjoy quality family fun, networking and socializing. The aim of the Teck Ghee Community Club is to promote education and awareness for a healthy lifestyle through the provision of information, promote the environment and create a family friendly environment.

There are many reasons to own Belgravia Ace home near a shopping mall. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also save gas money. Since gas prices are at an all-time high, saving a few dollars every shopping trip can really add up over time. Another advantage to owning a home near a shopping mall is that you’ll be in the middle of town when it’s convenient for you. You won’t have to travel any further than your immediate location just to get to work or school. This will also help ease your daily commute, which could become quite annoying in some cases.

One of the main disadvantages to owning a home near a shopping mall is that many people find themselves shopping there on occasion. For these shoppers, convenience shopping means driving to the closest shopping center and standing in line for hours. With the ever increasing numbers of Singaporeans who are constantly traveling out of town for work or pleasure, the number of people who need to take a few hours off of work in order to go shopping has also steadily risen. By owning a home near a shopping mall, these people can eliminate this need.

Convenience of a Home near a Shopping Mall also benefits those who use their homes as day care centers. If you have children who are young, going shopping isn’t always possible. When you don’t have to drive several blocks to the closest store, you can spend more time with your children while they are in the comfort of your home. This can help to ease your own stress of not being able to spend enough time with your children when you’re away from home. Owning a Convenience of a Home near a Shopping Mall will give you more time with your family without having to sacrifice time with your spouse or significant other.

The Seletar Shopping Center is an urban shopping center located in Fernvale, Singapore. It is one of the largest shopping malls in the country. Construction of this mall began in late 2021 and on 14 November it officially opened for business. This mall features both retail shops and a cinema. A number of international brands are present in the Seletar Mall.

Seletar Mall Shopping Centre

Seletar Mall Shopping Centre

The Seletar Shopping Centre is a multi-functional public multi-structure mall in Singapore located within the vicinity of the busy Singapore River. The mall is part of the massive Seletar Development Project, which has brought a new face of high-end shopping and eating concept in Singapore. The mall promises a revitalised Seletar Plaza and a major transformation in the

way consumers look for new brands and styles. The mall promises to be a major tourist attraction for Singapore citizens and foreigners alike as its planned retail space is huge and has a number of premium outlets, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, leisure and entertainment zones.

The mall is located next to the Seletar Reservoir, which serves as the outlet for the train station in Singapore. Construction of this mall began in mid-2021 and it was formally opened on 14 November 2021. The mall has many departments and stores selling a wide variety of products, offering a number of local brands, foreign brands and international brands, and even specialty shops such as Hong Kong-based Sook Spa and Chinese Import & export.

The mall boasts of over 800 stores, which offer a variety of products from branded items, budget-friendly brands, and all major designer brands, all under one roof. The sky-touching Seletar Mall allows shoppers to get their desired items at the most affordable prices and is famous for its designer boutiques, outlet stores, and restaurants. It is considered one of the best malls in Asia and has gained a reputation for its affordable shopping experience. This mall also houses major hotels and restaurants. There are a number of hotels in the vicinity, making it easy for travelers to reach and stay in the area.

Belgravia Ace located near to shopping malls are very important and Belgravia Ace is located near to many shopping malls. Djitsun Mall is one of the newest malls in Singapore. It is located just beside the Ang Mo Kio Hub. Djitsun Mall near Belgravia Ace Residents has been built mainly as an extension of Ang Mo Kio Hub, offering visitors an extension with lots of high-end stores, cinemas and restaurants. Apart from this, it also has a shopping centre and a health club. Djitsun Mall has a number of entertainment centres like an electronic cinema, multiplexes and bars for various kinds of events. Apart from this, Djitsun Mall near Belgravia Ace also has an international supermarket and a super mall featuring international brands.

Although it is one of the busiest malls in Singapore near to Belgravia Ace, people who come here do not find it as intimidating as they thought. Djitsun Mall building is not very big and it is built in such a way that will give the feel of a home. The interiors are light and well furnished, making them comfortable and enjoyable to spend time in. The Djisun Mall is one of the best malls in the country for those looking to buy new products or buy second-hand items.

Djitsun Mall is one of the largest malls in Ang Mo Kio, located at the Central Business District (CBD) near to Belgravia Ace locaiton. Located on the North-sided part of the city. A new mixed-use commercial centre, it is designed for those people who want to shop, dine and have fun in one place. Located inside Djitsun Mall mall, you will find many big department stores, Asian groceries, a movie theatre, a bowling alley, an electronic arcade, plus a fitness centre and specialty stores.

The indoor shopping areas offer a wide variety of goods at reasonable prices, ensuring that Belgravia Ace  residents shoppers can shop till they drop here. There are also a good number of foreign-operated stores in this Belgravia Ace, making it more popular with expats. If you want to find the perfect shopping spot and if you are looking for a new place to spend your days while in Singapore, then considering the Djisun Mall is a great idea.

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